1st SAL.....Peg, Dale and I committed to stitching Anni Downs - A Gardener's Journal in March. I blogged about this on my blog thinking maybe one or 2 others may join us and lots of girls indicated an interest so I decided to start this blog where we can all encourage each other to meet the goals set along the way....March 2010 -March 2011...........
2nd SAL ......well so many of the girls wanted to continue on with another project and some new girls joined us and now approx 91 girls are stitching Natalie Bird's Tis the Season. March to Sept 2011...............
3rd SAL....many girls want to stick with the SAL so now we have moved onto Anni Downs Some Kind of Wonderful - My Favourite Things Quilt.......Oct 2011-Oct 2012.........
Where are we now.....
4th SAL 2013...is numerous smaller projects from the previous 2 books Tis the Season and Some Kind of Wonderful plus some projects from Red Home by Natalie Bird approx 60 ladies stitching together.........
2014 we had the year off..............
5th SAL 2015..........inspired to continue we are doing another quilt project.....Anni Downs newest quilt Natures Journey.....
6th SAL 2017.............A Holly Cottage Christmas by Michelle Ridgway.......once again the pattern is in an affordable book so it is easy for everyone to join in...........and you can raid your stash for the fabrics........or lash out and buy a the whole lot........this SAL will be run by Fiona aka Bubz Rugz and Raewyn........

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Interesting Jouney swapping stories with friends old and new.

Today was the beginning of what I expect to be an interesting journey. That said we had a journey to travel before I can get started, now that sounds a bit Irish , well I have some Irish blood running through my veins. With school holidays and Easter holidays on the horizon the Highway to Cobden was a tad busy for the first hour to Colac and then it slackened off a little 'till the Purrumbete turnoff. Andrea and I looked at threads and then when that was finished I sat on her back porch while ----
she with a satisfied grin began to trace some more stitchery for me. Having fun Margaret

Bird Bath

First stitchery completed, yeah!! Hopefully more over Easter.

Wishing everyone a Safe and Happy Easter!!

A Finish

Aprils block

the answer....LOL........

as you have all joined the "stitch-a-long" the GOAL FOR EACH month is to do the stitcheries for the block AND 
piece it together as per block sections in the book.........
 9 blocks A-I (page 8-12) we have allowed 10 months to get them all done throwing in a spare month if you have a bad month.....(which we all know can happen)
once I see you have pieced a whole block section I will put the letter for that block beside your name..........
you can do what you want but I have started on block G and some have started on block A........so long as you get a block together each month

the bossy Chook............
PS but Peg, Dale and i did make an agreement so we have to stick with it......lol........someone please send me to this posts when I need a kick along....

A Question

Is anyone going to sew the blocks as they go?

I am because then I KNOW it will get finished lol, thats my logic anyway

Birthday present.........

Wow I received a lovely Birthday gift from my Mum. "A Gardener's Journal. This will be a joint project with my Mum. I will be doing the sewing and tracing of all the stitcheries. I have made a great start already.


PS posted by Chookyblue for Andrea - did anyone have any issues accepting the invite to the group??? blog...........

Enthusiasm is great :-)

Watering the Garden is done. I am starting on the Bird Bath tonight. Gosh, I almost did that wrong,did`t I, having drawn the Dovecote. Glad I now wrote to you :0)
Not sure which of the fabrics to use,always the most difficult thing for me choosing fabrics. Still looking for the very old one, probably not in the shops anymore.
So I might use what you see here.
Anyway,on the other picture you see the lid where I have one needle for each colour, makes it very easy when I change colours. The lid fits into the book-shelf,so it really looks tidy when I finish for the day. I also use the vlieseline on the bac
of the stitchery fabric. Then no colour shows through. But do not iron on it, because it very often glues to a warm iron. Well, better make dinner now.
Happy Stitching to you from a cold country way up north :-)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ready to go

First 2 stitcheries ready and I purchased my fabric today so no excuses for me now. Its great to see everyones enthusiasm and I'm sure they will all look terrific with so many different colourways.



Feeling so much better I have traced a few stitcheries...
....did you know I now have to answer to 40...yes 40...OMG 40 other crazy fabulous stitcher's if I don't get this quilt finished...........I am sure we will all be able to go well with so many of us keeping each other motivated...........most of you have done a post but if not jump in here and put one up..
...Alison where are you and who else have I missed........we still have people joining daily..........don't be shy.....
.......thinking I may send my fabrics off to Jytte as she already has all her pieces cut out for putting the quilt blocks together...........and Tereasa has traced all her blocks off so maybe she could trace a few more for me........
Dale has finished a block already - see beside her name I have added an "A" for the block section she has completed........if you have finished any sections show us here and let me know what block it is and I will mark beside your name too............that way we can see the progress we make thru the year..........

Catch you later............Chookyblue

I think that I must have rocks in my head!!

I think that I must have rocks in my head!! just what I need another project - yeh RIGHT!!

I loaned my copy of "Gardener's Journal"quite awhile back and cannot remember to whom, so while I am waiting on another copy to arrive, I shall decide on what fabrics to use, what do you think??


or these....

or these..

or maybe these,


Block one is traced

Well Saturday allowed me the time to get ready, I have traced off block one, I have to say I am not impressed that there weren't measurement to cut out the stitchery blocks.
I have my list of threads that I don't have in my collection ready to take to spotlight on Wednesday to recieve my vip 20% off my shopping, may even pick up a bit of fabric too!!!

My first two completed.....

I've certainly been inspired to get my stitching completed while touring around this wonderful blog. I've completed my first two stitcheries and I've ordered my fat quarters. (oops they are only stash builders - I may need more ??)Now on to trace the next two stitcheries, ready to stitch when I finish the housework today and work I'm doing at home.

I look forward to keeping an eye on everyone else too.

No return

I have today cut 390 small pieces of fabrics for my quilt and am happy with that. Now I can concentrate on the stitchery and look very much forward to sit in the sun and stitch. Yes, it has become spring in Denmark and I hope for many good summerdays to come.
Jytte R

Monday, March 29, 2010

Off and running

Well, at least that is the plan. Hi everyone, I'm Tereasa and just like everyone else I needed something like this to get me going. So, over the weekend, I traced all of the designs, collected my threads and found the border fabric I've had stashed away since the book first came out. I now ready to start....
Looking forward to getting to you and if you find I'm lagging behind, please give me a shove as I'm the queen of UFO's...lol

Giving it a go and hope ....

Well I have decided to get started on this project ...tennis elbow or not, doctor said not to do anything and after 10 days I just can't stand the boredom so today I bought a brace for my arm, pain killers at the ready and will rest when it gets too much so I traced the first stitcheries and can't wait to get going, fingers crossed all will be well.


I'll get started soon....

I wasn't going to do this. Up until last Thursday I was not going to join in as I felt I had enough to do. ( Like everyone else I guess). But.... I went to the Brisbane Craft Show and said to myself if I see the book - well,maybe I will. I walked around all day and didn't see it so it seemed that I was safe(?). But just as I was leaving a copy appeared in front of me and I took it as a sign. So here I am. Of course having seen so many beautiful show and tell quilts at our day with Anni Downs helped to put the idea into my head.
So, I have the book, the fabric, the light box and hopefully I will get the threads out tonight. Isn't it a good thing that I bought that metre of weaveline at Cottage on the Hill?
So I should be right for a big start in April.
P.S. Hubby will be away for 5 days at the Byron Bay Blues Fest - I think the kids and I will just have a nice time at home relaxing and stitching over Easter.

Fabrics and Stuff

My fabric kit arrived today

and I have done the first 2 blocks

watering the garden

the bird bath.

Managed to get the threads I was missing too.

I'm Here............

Hi everyone, I'm Lizzie and I'm happy to be joining you. As so many of you have already stated 'sleep is overrated', so here I am, I'm in and hopefully I can keep up????? Hehe, we'll see.

I bought the book early last year and that was as far as I got. I've decided to stitch on a natural homespun and yesterday I picked up the American Jane range 'A Breath of Avignon' in a layer cake and jelly roll. I really wanted something bright and breezy so I'm hoping that will do the trick.

I managed to trace 'watering the garden' the other night, I need to put needle to fabric this week.

Looking forward to the encouragement and camaraderie that always comes from group blogs.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Today I gave Andrea her book as a present for her birthday. Andrea will do the quilting part and I will do the stitcheries, We are both lookng forward to starting on this project. Elizabeth and Andrea are twins, they never looked alike yet people said they were identical.

Cutting Tip

I thought I would cut the fabric today so I can work on what colours I will use for each block etc.

 I noted on page  7 on the "Diagram" - it doesnt illustrate the 7 x  1.5 " x 3.5" , so.... if you are being lazy like I was and looking at the diagram, dont forget to cut these extra pieces not illustrated.

how to get your comments...........

If you want to receive comments left on your post into your email do this.............
publish your post then go and comment on your own post and tick the box (email follow up comments to your email address) like below and all the comment left after you left your own comment will be emailed to you
you don't have to do this but if you want to make sure you don't miss any comments left on your post you can do the above...........

Catch you later Chookyblue
PS there will be a few more sites to add to the side bar but I will have to do that later in the week.........

Im In ..So excited!!!!

Im very excited to join in this stitch-a-long. When i saw this last week I thought what a great challenge but really dont i have enough.
But when i saw the book on ebay for a great price i took it as a sign and signed up.
So i cant wait to receive my book , choose fabrics and start stitching :)

It's a start! :0)

First of all I want to say thank you to Chookyblue for allowing me to join this lovely group and for setting up this blog so we can all stay motivated to get this project done! And thanks to Peg and several other ladies for encouraging me to jump right in even though I have so many other things I ought to be working on instead of starting something new. But start I did so here we go! :0)

I went to the fabric store on Thursday to find something to use for the stitcheries. I found some Kona muslin and decided that would have to do. So Friday I got the first little stitchery traced and stitched! I have the second one traced but haven't started stitching yet. I had pulled out some fabrics from my stash to use for this project, but now I think I'm going to try to use a jelly roll instead. This is American Primer and I just love the colors in it. So we'll see how well this plan works when I actually start trying to sew together blocks! I don't think that will be anytime soon though! I've got a long way to go! LOL

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ready to go

All stitcheries for block A are traced and ready to take out sewing tomorrow.
Being at home today I am using the time to cut fabrics.

I have a beautiful red Kona Bay fabric with white, pink and blue flowers I want to use for the outer border, then I am thinking something green for the inner border and for the rest I will find a little purple, red, pink, blue and a variety of greens from light to dark.

Wandering thru my stash to find something suitable I came across a box with 2½" squares, another box with 1½" strips and a huge pile of assorted green 6" squares - don't know what they were intended for - anyway they will be used to throw in some scraps.


Something Old and Something New ........

The Old is the book - the New is the fabric :-). Great,this is it! I have joined,I am happy,I am looking forward starting tomorrow on the stitchery. Thought the day would never come. Thanks to you organizers - LOL.

housekeeping 2.......

Ok decision made with the comments I have so far...........everyone just looks at the blog to read the comments........and they can contact people if the they want/need to regarding a comment that has been left on a post they did.............
thanks girls...........


Book: Tick

Threads : Tick

Quilters Muslin : Tick

Washaway pen : Tick

I am ready to start this weekend


Friday, March 26, 2010


wow 1 or 2 extras to join in the huge challenge fun of Gardeners Journal forget it...........there are 35 of us now......(Australia, USA, Sweden, Portugal, Norway, Denmark and New Zealand).........I cannot believe there are so many of us out there wanting to make the quilt and many had started by getting their fabrics together or they had stitched a block or 2 and put it aside...........hopefully lots of us can get this quilt together in the next 12 months.......it is wonderful to see all the posts since I started this last week.......lets hope we can keep up the enthusiasm and keep each other going til the end..........
but I need some direction
currently all the comments are coming to me.............for the last few posts I have forwarded the emails onto the girls who did the particular post........
.....what do you want me to do.......

  1. forward comments to whoever has written the post 
  2. maybe I could set up a group thingy that emails all the posts and comments out to the whole group???
  3. everyone just looks at the blog and reads the comments that are left on their posts (on this blog)
let me know what you think.............
and thanks for the little ray of sunshine this blog has been this week............if we could bottle up the excitement here this week it would be worth a lot of money..............
if anyone if hunting down A Gardener's Journal book I know Kerri has one left from closing the online shop so email her here if your interested
make sure your not "no reply" if you want an answer or to join the group..........I have had a couple of people I have not been able to contact...........

Have a fabulous weekend where ever you are

WHOLEY SMOKES Dale has a block together.............
Catch you later

Block A

This is my version of block A, I am so pleased I have started this quilt, thanks Donna for suggesting this stitch a long and for organising it.

I Must Be Mad!...(Or...Who Needs Sleep!)...

But…I’ve taken a huge gulp of air, closed my eyes and jumped…I’ve had the book since it was hot off the press - its time has come…
I must be meant to play along…within 5 minutes of opening the cover to check out the fabric requirements I had a plan…not only a plan…but action taken…a bundle of fabrics out of the stash  into the light and a project box created...
Rocky Mountain...slightly left of centre fabric choice wise compared with the original but it called out to me…loudly…insistently…not only to listen but take heed…so I did.
I have muslin on backorder that I think will be just right for the backgrounds…fingers crossed it arrives shortly or I’ll be behind before I’m even started and posting that I’ve finally finished April’s blocks in September!
Thanks Chookyblue, Peg and Dale for providing the push, or is that shove, I needed to get this project underway.
This is going to be SO much fun, looking forward to seeing everyone’s progress along the way…
Happy stitching everyone...

EEK!! What Have I Done!?!?!

This was the question I asked myself numerous times after committing to join the Gardeners Journal Stitch-A-Long! At first I thought ... OK ... a couple of stitcheries a month ... surely I can fit that in amongst ... designing ... magazine commission deadlines ... sample stitching ... instruction writing ... giftie making ... work ... singing ensemble rehearsals ... the usual housework ... And it was at THAT point that I  "EEK-ed!" Tee! Hee! Hee!

After a cup of lavender tea and a little sit down to take deep, calming breaths and flick back through Anni's lovely book ... I'm much calmer and PRETTY sure I can keep up with my committment ... sleep is over-rated, right?!?! :0) I'm looking forward to making up one of my long-term "Must-do-one-day" projects in the fabulous and talented company of all the lovely ladies who have joined Chookyblue's merry band ... and are probably asking themselves the same question I am ... "Eek! What Have I Done?!" Tee! Hee! Hee!

Til next time ...



Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yes I have joined as well!

Hi everyone - Anita here!
I will be joining in all the fun, but may be a bit behind as I am still recovering from shoulder surgery so not sure when i can get started. When by book gets here, I will get reading so I will be ready to go when able to!!
Here are my initial fabric choices, these are FQ's that I received in a birthday fq swap.

Jo in TAS here

Hi Everyone,
I'm Jo from Lilly Pilly (previously known as Jo in Tas). After seeing Chooky's post about the Gardener's Journal I decided I had to take part in this to get some motivation to complete this quilt.
I've had these packed in a box just dying to get out and be used
and these are the stitcheries I've finished so far
and that's as far as I got before I got sidetracked by other things. So ladies I'm going to get back on track and finish this with you. It's another of Annie's designs that I love but I love lots that she does.
I'm looking forward to watching how everyone progresses!
Good Luck!!

Denmark Calling

Hello, I'm Pia from Pia's Place. Physically I'm located in Denmark, Northern Europe.

Like many of you I've had this book for ages (it feels so) and never really gotten into it.

Now's the time to get some fabrics (mostly from the stash I hope) and get startet.

Looking forward to follow you all and be reminded daily.


Bird Bath stitchery completed!

This stitchery is a nice quick one to complete! I think that all the designs in the book are just so cute...and just love her little birds!

My Book has arrived

all excited and ready to go fabric hunting in my stash today......
Sonia from Mythoughts

So much fun


Another block finished…..

It is so nice to see so many people signed up for the Stitch-a-long…

take care Peg….:>)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Thanks for the invite

I am almost ready to sew

the book is ordered

the fabric is ordered

now I wait for the postman to arrive.

I am hoping to get it done in the alloted time, but, I have to confess I don't enjoy stitcheries but I love this quilt, so how could I resist.

I'm looking forward to getting started

Tracing 'Watering the Garden Block'

I have just noticed before stitching the 'Watering the Garden Block', that the pattern is slightly different to the stitched example. The lines of the fence and flower stems STOP on top of the garden edging on stitched example page 27....whereas on the pattern they go all the way to the bottom. You might have to refer to the pattern on page 13 to fully understand what I mean.
I suppose the choice is yours, whether you want your flowers behind the edging or not.
I hope I haven't confused you all!


Sometimes we just need a Nudge......

and this is just what Bec & Peg did to me last night. Just a couple of friendly emails convincing me to have a go.
I was going to just sit on the sidelines and cheer you all on but I just got hooked looking at all your pics and fabrics.
I've ordered my book online (should be here tomorrow) and I'll decide on fabrics later.
Look forward to stitching along with you all.

Hugs Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts


I'm portuguese and i'm very excited to join this group.I share with you what I  had embroidered.
Sorry my english, but I didn't learn at the school :( 
Have a nice week
Borboleta Serrana do ponto sem nó

I am very happy to join a-stitch-along for the first time. When I saw this one I knew, it was now.

I had already started on A Gardener's Journal. I had the book for a year or so and I bought the fabric 'Garden Song' by Nancy Halvorsen in January at Fabric Shack in USA. This month I started on drawing which really takes time, but I am still a little ahead.

Sorry I don't have a blog, but hopefully this will bring me closer to start one.

Jytte R

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fabric..Check, Threads...Check

Hi, I am Mandy from www.seamssewtogether.blogspot.com and I am excited to join the
Stitch A Long, Like Sonia I hope I have not over committed, but you never know if you don't try...right!!

The fabric I will be using is Whimsy, I just recently purchased these fat quarters, I know I don't need them all
but at least I have plenty to choose from.

Looking forward to stitching with you all and making new friends and having a beautiful quilt
at the end.

Happy Stitching!!


Well, guilty as charged, I am sonia from http://mythoughtsbysonia.blogspot.com/, and I am very guilty of over commiting, but am hoping I can keep up. I am currently stitching the gingham girls quilt which I started as a BOM with a group of face to face ladies this month, and now I am joining you online to complete the A Gardener's Journal by Anni Downs, I have ordered my book....so as soon as it arrives I will get too and see what fabrics I have in my stash to suit.
Happy stitching girls.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Very Excited

I am very excited to be joining in on this Stitch a Long to complete the Gardeners Journal Quilt. Not only are the other women joining in a great bunch, I have also admired and aspired to make this quilt every since I saw the one my friend Raelee has made and has hanging on her lounge room wall.
I have chosen the fabric range Garden Party and this is the start of my stash. I have done a little shopping at the Fat Quarter Shop for the rest. I can't wait to start tracing and stitching. Thanks Chooky and Dale.

Kylie xxxx

My Fabric Choice!

I am so pleased to be apart of this stitch along. Everytime I visit here, I feel so very inspired, and I'm just 'itching' to get started.
The fabric I have chosen, I already had in my stash, all 10 peices were in a sealed plastic bag, so I think that this was just meant to be! I still have border fabric to purchase, but I can do that later.
Thankyou so much Chookyblue for organising this...Its going to be loads of fun!

Looking forward to stitching along with you all!
Bye for now


Bec's Gardner's Journal

As you can see I have had my Gardner's Journal kit stored for sometime. It is partially cut out with no stitcheries stitched or even traced; looking very sad and unloved indeed! So I was very pleased to see Chookyblue's post about her, Peg and Dale getting to work on this beautiful quilt; it deserves to be made, not to sit in the box! LOL
I shall get my box emptied and sorted over the next week, ready to start. I'm very excited about this, and it has actually prompted another project but that one will have to remain secret for a while yet....

Work in progress on this lovely quilt

Hi everyone,
I am Sylvia and I am looking forward to stitching this quilt.
Thank you, Chooky blue, for organising this blog and inviting us to stitch-a-long. I must admit I had decided to do this quilt by myself in December, even though I had promised not to start another large project until some UFOs were completed! I just couldn't resist. I have only been doing the stitching so just chose block each month to complete. I am not sure I can get all the blocks you have suggested done each month but will try. I should do the patchwork as we go as that would get it finished (not like the other stitchery ones!) I'll see how I fair in April. I have completed the following stitcheries.
The shed.
Watering the garden.
The home block.
The ladies.
Having those already done should help me keep up.