1st SAL.....Peg, Dale and I committed to stitching Anni Downs - A Gardener's Journal in March. I blogged about this on my blog thinking maybe one or 2 others may join us and lots of girls indicated an interest so I decided to start this blog where we can all encourage each other to meet the goals set along the way....March 2010 -March 2011...........
2nd SAL ......well so many of the girls wanted to continue on with another project and some new girls joined us and now approx 91 girls are stitching Natalie Bird's Tis the Season. March to Sept 2011...............
3rd SAL....many girls want to stick with the SAL so now we have moved onto Anni Downs Some Kind of Wonderful - My Favourite Things Quilt.......Oct 2011-Oct 2012.........
Where are we now.....
4th SAL 2013...is numerous smaller projects from the previous 2 books Tis the Season and Some Kind of Wonderful plus some projects from Red Home by Natalie Bird approx 60 ladies stitching together.........
2014 we had the year off..............
5th SAL 2015..........inspired to continue we are doing another quilt project.....Anni Downs newest quilt Natures Journey.....
6th SAL 2017.............A Holly Cottage Christmas by Michelle Ridgway.......once again the pattern is in an affordable book so it is easy for everyone to join in...........and you can raid your stash for the fabrics........or lash out and buy a the whole lot........this SAL will be run by Fiona aka Bubz Rugz and Raewyn........

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


This is the first 2 rows finally together. It was quite easy to do and came together quickly. I have decided to not join the rows together as I go as I like to lay it all out so as to not get the same strips next to each other and only be left with a small selection for the final rows. I will be able to start row 3 when I return from a few days away with DH and then I hope I can keep on track. Bye for now Jude from judesstuff.

February Blocks SKOW

Yay!  Just in time again I have finished my February blocks and bottom strip.  It is hard to fit the strip in one picture.

Ice Cream

Hot Chocolate

A Good Book

And here is the quilt together so far!  My daughter's feet are peeking out from the bottom!

Please mark me off for February please, Chooky!

Off to March!  Doesn't everyone love this quilt so much!

Lori, Leaskdale, Ontario, Canada

February blocks

Made it on time. Great to have the extra day this month. Thankyou Chooky-Blue for reminder. My strawberry ice-cream was a must on a hot summers day. When my friends and I went out for our stitching shop we would stop for Hot Chocolate and marshmallows. I`ve added my Bible as my good read sometime each day. Then there`s my bottom border ready to go.
Well I`m ready for next months part. Really pleased with quilt top so far. Till next month,thinking of fabrics for that now.
Happy Stitching Clare. 

Jan & Feb done

Well, here it is, although sideways again. I just can't get it to import into blogger properly :0(
Please mark me off.  I'm all caught up and well into getting March done.
I haven't been commenting lately but I love reading everyone's posts on their progress.  All the quilts look great!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Little Square Madness

Hi Everyone,

I'm way behind, but this afternoon I have made a big effort on catching up. I'm cutting the little squares. Just how many are there??!!!!!! I wish they'd breed, then I wouldn't have to cut so many  LOL.
I want letters after my name, so I'm going to stop appliqueing and start sewing the blocks.
More progress to show soon I hope.h

Kath's Progress

Oooooooh I have had the hurry up from Chockyblue so here is my update, I have not been idle......

My SAL is coming along pretty good, considering I didnt get my fabric till the middle of January, and have been working some longish hours and have often been totally stuffed when I have got home.
So here are some pics of what has been happening in my house with SKoW... I have used a lot of Buggy Barns Creamery Neutrals for my backgrounds and a couple of others that fit in well too. I am really pleased with all the fabrics.

Have loved watching progress of others and are really enjoying this SAL.  I hope to have another progress of the needleturn blocks again next week.

Thanks for stopping by....


A Virtual Kick

OK Chookyblue, I got the hint and the 'virtual' kick up the backside.  I haven't been 'slacking' on the stitchery front, really! Look!

I am still stitching and am up to date as far as the months go, however, I have chosen to leave all the piecing until the end - sorry, I know that the piecing is part of the SAL but I just haven't decided on fabrics for it so rather than make a bad decision I'd rather wait until the end and see what suits.
Chookyblue, if I'm in for a walloping please make it with a wet bus ticket *wink*
How are the rest of you going?
have a great day

On time !

Here are my February blocks !

Ice cream with my favorite flavors : chocolate (of course !!), salted butter caramel and a little bit of coffee !

Hot coffee... I drink a lot of these cups at work !!

And THE book !! 
I loved " Eat, Pray, Love" too Sharon but fantasy is really, really what I prefer !!

 I made the bottom border too :

So February is completed !!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Making Progress - December and January Finished

Sunday was a lovely wet drizzly day here, so was perfect for stitching. I had been struggling to get a day where I could make a big mess while putting some sashings together so that I could finish December and January's sections.  Finally the day had arrived.

So, what have I achieved?

I made all the sashings for the quilt, except for the top row, which needs a stitchery to be completed, and pieced all the squares for the second column of blocks.  December is completed.

Rather appropriate, given the weather.

I also tailored the suitcase block to suit me.  I changed "Rome" to "Paris" and "USA" to "IOM" (Isle of Man).  I haven't been to New Zealand, but plan to in the next few years, so I left that there.

January's blocks are also finished.

Like everyone else, I have found it hard to get a photo once it was all sewn together.

The bottom sashing is completed, but was too hard to show in the photo, so please tick me off for the two months.

My plan was to be up to date by the end of February – I still have 2 days to go, but it is not looking very promising.  Then again, if I really make an effort….we’ll see.



Sunday, February 26, 2012

All Caught Up......

Finally I'm all caught up, for 3 days I even slightly ahead! My bottom borders are done but not visable hanging over the skirt hanger behind my cake block.

Of course, there were dramas - the furballs did fly in the Quilt Kitty household. I always cut my blocks bigger than specified but one Friday night I must have been very taken with Midsummer Murders as my ice cream cone finished up on a very definate angle. In order to cut out a fairly straight block I ended up with a 10 inch high block rather than 10.5 inches. So after careful thought while lying awake in the dark later that night I came up with a solution that didn't mean starting that block again. I trimmed a bit here & there and added another row of 1 inch blocks between my coffee cup & book blocks. Problem solved & now I cut my blocks with even more excess!

My coffee cup block is actually the hot chocolate block but as I prefer coffee to hot chocolate so I made another change. I think it is easy to see why this is my favourite block to date. Purrrrfect!

Here's my book block too. I pondered long & hard on which book to portray but couldn't come up with one I knew I would be happy to still be looking at in 10 years time. Being a total readaholic to the point where it interferes with my sewing, I thought of just titling it 'To All The Books I've Loved Before......'. However a kitty reference prevailed and I settled for The Cat Who in deference to the cosy mystery series of 29 books by Lilian Jackson Braun which featured two Siamese cats Koko & Yum Yum who helped their owner to solve crime in their small town.

Quick Chooky - mark me off for December, January & February at last! I can't believe it's nearly March already, roll on winter.

Happy stitching
Tracee xx

Finally December is done!!!!

row 1row 1 part 1row 1 part 2

I really thought when I decided to start in January I’d be able to catch up quickly. Boy did I get that wrong!!!! As you all already know, there’s a lot of work in this quilt. :-)

Anyway, I have put in a lot of work & I’m really enjoying it, so it’s all good.
I’ve had a lot of stress in my life lately, with no relief in sight, so this project has almost kept me sane!!!!

fabricsrow 2 blocks

Being OCD I love to have all my fabrics organised. I cut a bunch of squares so I had a stash. I’m hand piecing all the little sections that go between the blocks as I love to hand piece. I did machine on the long strips just so I could something finished!!!! I have already started on the January & February blocks, so hopefully I might catch up by the end of next month!!!

My fabric is from the Ruby range with a few Bliss & some other bits & bobs from my stash. I’ve had the most trouble finding the neutrals, luckily I had some, as they are a bit thin underfoot in the shops.

Sorry I haven’t been commenting lately but i have enjoyed having a peep at everyone else’s beautiful work.

I have done the February blocks - this is such a lovely quilt - it is such fun making it with you all and seeing it in different colours ... 

I have ......

and .....


I have added them onto the other blocks I have done....

and made the border that will fit along the bottom of the quilt...

Righto... gotta go.... March blocks to prepare.....

Loving this quilt

Thursday, February 23, 2012

February done!

So good to be able to show you February's blocks for the SKOW Stitch-a-long. Here is the icecream
 ...the hot chocolate...
 and one of my favourite books.
 I have also made the bottom border.