1st SAL.....Peg, Dale and I committed to stitching Anni Downs - A Gardener's Journal in March. I blogged about this on my blog thinking maybe one or 2 others may join us and lots of girls indicated an interest so I decided to start this blog where we can all encourage each other to meet the goals set along the way....March 2010 -March 2011...........
2nd SAL ......well so many of the girls wanted to continue on with another project and some new girls joined us and now approx 91 girls are stitching Natalie Bird's Tis the Season. March to Sept 2011...............
3rd SAL....many girls want to stick with the SAL so now we have moved onto Anni Downs Some Kind of Wonderful - My Favourite Things Quilt.......Oct 2011-Oct 2012.........
Where are we now.....
4th SAL 2013...is numerous smaller projects from the previous 2 books Tis the Season and Some Kind of Wonderful plus some projects from Red Home by Natalie Bird approx 60 ladies stitching together.........
2014 we had the year off..............
5th SAL 2015..........inspired to continue we are doing another quilt project.....Anni Downs newest quilt Natures Journey.....
6th SAL 2017.............A Holly Cottage Christmas by Michelle Ridgway.......once again the pattern is in an affordable book so it is easy for everyone to join in...........and you can raid your stash for the fabrics........or lash out and buy a the whole lot........this SAL will be run by Fiona aka Bubz Rugz and Raewyn........

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

By the skin of my teeth

 I have been meaning to post my blocks here for a few weeks but life has been getting in the way, so here they are just in time.

everyone's blocks look amazing and the colours combinations are gorgeous...bring on next months blocks :)

I have a top...

Knowing I had completed my blocks for the top I just couldn't resist to go further, so the hunt for the fabric I had was put into motion.
Happy dance..ok it is  from a sitting position.
Anyways I just plodded along today and yipeeee.. I wanted to add sashing & border of the same fabric so it all floated (if you know what I mean) and am wrapt in the end result.
Was hard to get a good picture with the cat insisting it was her rolling mat...
Now before you look at the pic and say oopsy upside down rows...
I have made my stitcheries into a top for the table at christmas, and with 2 rows running in opposite directions, you get a nioce few no matter which direction you lok at it.

Split in half for a closer look.
Not sure how I will quilt this yet, I think it will sit to the side until I come up with a plan.
Cheers Vickie

I'm done too!

I've been done for days now, I just keep forgetting to do the post!

 Sandy H

My Goodness

I am always a tad wary when I start a stitching project as my arm can all of a sudden turn nasty and decide not to work..so I have just had my stitcheries sitting near my lounge chair and picked them up every now and then -sometimes only for 15 mins. Tadaah I have stitched 12 blocks, makes me very happy..

Now to find where I put the fabric for borders and sashing....
Cheers Vickie

Greetings from Finland - arrive in Time;)

Hello every one!!!
 I had no rush at all with these blocks... 

...although I shortly lost the pieces of fabrics for the Chilly Penquins block
(that kind of thing only happens to me;)... 
but the story has a happy ending.
I found those fabrics - finally - this morning and tadaa - here they are

I have seen many many beautiful TIS blocks here...
... and I want to thank every one of you!!!

You are all very talented and
I get so much inspiration of reading your postings!!!!

SincerelyYours Satu

PS. Chookyblue, my total is now 7 blocks;)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Just in time.....

I've been a bit naughty really as I did the stitcheries a few weeks ago but only put the borders on today, I shouldn't it to the last minute but other projects got in the way. Its terrific to see all the blocks coming together and so quickly too..... great work girls. 

I made it . . . . .

I made it.....( i was the i think i can , i think i can)
well i did it 
(night duty does come in handy for something)

i am finally, totally  up to date with about 48 hours to spare

My last March Block.....woohoo

my last May block

guess that saves me from the crack of 
Chooky's whip



My blocks for May

I’m wondering where the month of May has gone.  I finished these blocks a couple of weeks ago, but each time I’ve gone to post them Blogger has been having problems.  There are a lot of lovely blocks being posted and I’m sure we’re going to see some great quilts, once they are all finished.

May blocks

Just made it! Here are my May blocks. I have had the stitching done for a while but just had to add the borders.

So good to see everyone's progress.
Happy stitching,

Two More Stitcheries Stitched...

Two more have moved from the traced pile to the stitched pile...

9 stitched, 4 to go...the border fabric waits patiently...


Nancy's SAL..........

Nancy has been emailing me and here is her first block...........
She has all the others traced, bordered and ready to stitch............
This is what she wrote in part of her email.............
 The first one (woops picture below) is the layout I originally had planned, then I thought, maybe the black sashings, not sure about that, I was going to use the black for the binding just to kind of pop it, but I'm pondering that and very open to opinions, LOL. If I do go with the sashings I might use one of the striped for bindings, but I never know until I get ready for it!

posted for Nancy in the USA by Chookyblue..............

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Well done everyone for your efforts so far on the TIS and for your inspiration!!

I am seriously way behind on this gorgeous quilt however, having all of your wonderful inspiration and some of the beautiful  blocks to look at that you have already done inspired me to get back onto mine.

I have only done the one block and it is out or order, but it was my favourite so I did it first.
I am so embarassed about even putting it up seeing many of you are if not up to date, but even finished, but if we dont blog, no one knows where anyone is up to.

May Blocks Completed

After a small day surgery operation and nearly a week resting, I can finally say I'm feeling much better and getting back to normal. I can't say this time off was put to good use but I did manage to get my MAY Blocks completed.

This makes a total of 7 Blocks for me

Please add two more blocks to my list please Donna. I do hope everyone else is keeping on track. I'll check out all recent posts soon.


Hi girls
you're all going so well for May.................if you haven't posted your blocks (or stitched them yet) there is still time..........get moving.........
just updated the sidebar from Lynn's post on the 20th until now and that was 20+ posts.............so much motivation...........keep up the great work............
I hear of a few projects from the book are in the pipeline  and I have one happening too so hope to see some soon..........
Jennifer had her GJ quilt top together.............how are you other GJ girls going............would love to see some more progress.....
.....Jo do you have your top together yet??...
....finally Dzintra is able to slowly stitch again from her shoulder injury..........
Teresa and Tess do you have another block done yet............
Dawn is NEARLY finished another block.........
Holly is just starting a GJ in memory of her parents...........
Shauna (a new GJ girl) have you got a block done yet???..........
Anita i'll see you soon hope you have some more GJ stitched........

Keep up the great work girls..............you know I wouldn't have my GJ quilt done without you all so now I want to repay the favour and make sure you all get yours finished...............

Finally May blocks are finished.

Here is my two blocks for May. Still on time and I hope that I can follow up all the way to the end.

I love these small stitcheries, 
and it is so fun to see all the different blocks that has been made here. 
Lots of nice colours and colour combinations. 
It is exciting to follow  you all on the blog.

Hugs,  Anne Lise

Saturday, May 28, 2011

May Blocks Finished on Time

I'm so pleased with myself.... I've been able to keep up so far!!!
Got to keep Chooky happy!!

Just hope she doesn't ask me about GJ!!!
This is such a fun little quilt - I am really enjoying the stitcheries.


(All Things Vintage)

May Blocks Stitched - ready for June!

 May blocks stitched and now to get ready for June....
 I am excited I have kept up this time
Now to trace the next couple of blocks
 and keep up... Have almost finished another GJ block..
I did say almost.. he he.
 So of to sew... LOL
 Have a great weekend..whatever the weather!
 Hugs Dawn x x x x

Amost Caught Up...

It has been such a hectic month, but I have done some stitching. In fact, I got on a roll with tracing and then had some evenings where I sat and stitched. I really have been enjoying this project... and so glad I have you guys to keep me on track!

So, today I put the next row together and this is what it looks like now:

My only peeve is that on the left of the red checked sashing between the rows, it is crooked - the green line shows up, if that makes sense. Go ahead, click on the photo and see!! So, do I unpick?? Sigh... this is why I don't like using stripes and/or checks usually...

Other than that, I am loving it :) And the little penguin is done, just needs its sashing... photo another day...


Joy from Joy's Quilts

Friday, May 27, 2011

My May Blocks.....

It's been penguin weather here this week, so this little fellow fitted in well!! 
.....and what sort of Christmas project would it be without an Angel....
I'm having a great time stitching up these cute little numbers.....been sitting by the fireplace during the evening......with a glass of red!!....well, the colour matches!!!...that's my excuse, anyway....heehee.....

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Little Angel cushion....

I loved this little angel stitchery this month so I did an extra one....

and made the mini cuhsion from the book...

such cute designs and I am loving seeing what everyone has done with theirs

thanks again Chookyblue - I hope you have got rid of the wet and smellies at home!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ohh I am soooo far behind

I still haven't gotten past month 1's blocks

but I am going to fix that issue next week

I will have 23.5hrs of sailing time to occupy myself with

on The Spirit of Tasmania as the kids and I are driving

up to Eden NSW to spend a week with dh.

So my TTS willbe comng on board with me to do while the

girlies sleep.

Hopefully after a week I will be home again with all the

stitcheries stitched just needing their borders.

thats the plan anyway.

Love seeing all the finished blocks

and even finished quilt tops

I am very jealous!

Dales TTS

Here is my first Tis the Season Quilt, I am making two, one for Elliott who is 7 and one for Tommy who is 5. These are a few of my favourite blocks.

I thought my camera was broken, hence no photos but I pressed a button marked DISP/? and it is working again!!!!

Tis the Season May blocks

May flash

May close penguinsMay close heart

I’ve been working on these blocks in between the pressies I’ve been making.

I couldn’t wait!!

I finished the top! I am so excited I decided to go ahead and post the picture!!


I took a couple close ups so you could see the border fabrics a little better.


Now just to quilt it. I need backing fabric so it may be a little bit, but I hope not too long!!!

Thanks all - Jennifer